April 17, 2019

Chapter 0.1: The outline

I have this vision of writing down all the random shit I've learned over the years as a startup person, entrepreneur, and observer of what happens in the tech space. Why would anyone want to read this?

Short answer: they probably won't and that's ok.

Long answer: I like to write. It's a creative outlet for me as well as a way to dump out of my brain the clutter that crowds around the edges. By writing it down, I think it helps me focus. I also sort of operate at the periphery of the startup community. I've never raised a shitload of money or sold a company, the two primary metrics by which my peers are measured. I have raised some money, tried to sell a company or two, and bootstrapped my current company to a modicum of success. We tend to read startup writings from all the champions of startup life; rarely do we read from folks grinding it out like myself. So that's what I'm doing: sharing the life and times of a regular startup schmuck.

So I have the beginnings of an outline I'd like to write about. You'll notice I'm writing this out of order. If I've learned anything about writing, trying to harness the creative process and put it into some sort of order is a fool's errand. I tend to write about whatever's popped into my head at that moment. Which means orderliness is....probably not going to happen.

Also, sidenote: I used to write on Medium which I love(d). Until I didn't anymore. So i'll be moving things from Medium to here (which is why things are a bit spread out)

  1. Chapter 0: So i'm writing a book (or a collection of essays or something) https://www.muehleman.com/chapter-0-i-just-realized-im-writing-a-book/
  2. Chapter 0.1: We have an outline! (this link. duh)
  3. Chapter 1: Maybe I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur? https://medium.com/@tjmule/maybe-ive-always-wanted-to-be-an-entrepreneur-94758df559de
  4. Chapter 2: I learned exactly one thing in college https://medium.com/@tjmule/i-learned-exactly-one-thing-in-college-7adae955edf8
  5. Chapter 3: Starting a company with friends is a really dumb idea
  6. Chapter 4: Job interviews are weird as hell. Or, why job interviews are the worst way to assess talent https://medium.com/@tjmule/is-there-anything-weirder-than-a-job-interview-dfd94bdb322a
  7. Chapter 5: My brother died. Then I quit my job https://www.muehleman.com/my-brother-died-then-i-quit-my-job/
  8. Chapter 6: That one time I drank too much before meeting w/ an investor (SF) https://medium.com/@tjmule/i-probably-had-too-much-to-drink-that-one-time-i-met-with-an-investor-9f5a4dd4726a
  9. Chapter 8: Working for someone else’s startup is a great idea
  10. Chapter 9: Luck is the residue of design
  11. Chapter 10: The power of family and friend support
  12. Chapter 11: Always ask who that random ass person is when you go to work at a small company https://medium.com/@tjmule/always-ask-who-that-random-ass-person-is-sitting-in-the-corner-during-your-job-interview-69469b38558a
  13. Chapter 12: The customer isn’t always right https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/customer-isnt-always-right-tj-muehleman/?published=t
  14. Chapter 13: Practical Advice is often the advice you're most likely to ignore: https://www.muehleman.com/practical-advice-is-often-the-advice-youre-most-likely-to-ignore/
  15. Chapter 14: That one time I went to SXSW. Or, why conferences are pretty dumb for most startups
  16. Chapter 15: The Engineer's mindset

There will be other chapters as I come up with them. All in due time!