April 3, 2019 · Chapter0 MyAwesomeBook

Chapter 0: I just realized I'm writing a book

I have no illusions about who would want to read a book I'm writing: my dad, maybe my mom, and maybe a girl I dated back in junior high school. Everyone else would be like "who are you?". But I enjoy writing. It's a creative outlet for me. And now having muddled my way through startup life for almost 20 years, I have some stories to share.

About 6 months ago I set out on a goal to write 250 words a day. I wanted to exercise that writing muscle that I felt had atrophied a bit. At first I started to write some random learnings about startup life. Then I'd write a children's story I often told my kids. Then I started naturally writing down stories about my time as an entrepreneur. Most of the stories have a humorous bend to them b/c honestly startups are hilarious and painful and if you can't laugh at them they'll kill you. Like the story about drinking too much before meeting an investor (and then sitting next to him on a red eye from SF –> ATL).

Before I knew it, I'd laid out the first 10 chapters in a book about my dumb ass life. I have no intention of ever publishing it. And lord damn knows there's more than 10 chapters to the shenanigans i've foisted upon myself. But I'll continue to add to it. And i'll migrate the @medium entries over to this new(ish) blog at some point.

And maybe one day someone will read it and say "wow, I learned something from this guy". But more likely someone will read it and say "this guy is a goofball". Either way, I'm enjoying putting it together.