March 4, 2019

Seeya later Medium

I made the difficult (actually very easy) decision to migrate away from Medium as my blog engine of choice. For the last 18 or 19 years I've had a blog of some kind. Here's the quick history of what I've blogged, where, and why I'm coming back towards having my own website:

2001 - 2007: I hosted a blog at Yes, Why? Who the hell knows why. I probably got drunk one night and up and bought it. My last name was (is?) tricky to spell and at the time I thought i'd go with something more straightforward. And I may or may not have confused Vic Damone, the rat pack era singer, with Mike Damone the caddish BFF from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Either way, I was a really frequent blogger there. Almost 1,000 entries when tragedy struck: my blog was hacked. Yes. Hacked. It was overtaken by someone using something called a SQL injection attack and overwritten with links to Japanese porn. I am not kidding.

I rebuilt the blog but having lost 1,000 blog entries (and hundreds of thousands of my meandering thoughtwords) I didn't really have it in me. I gave it up

2007 - 2014: Right around this time I was "allowed" onto Facebook (when the opened it up to non college folk). A few years later, Twitter sprung up and I quickly found it really difficult to write longer form stuff. I'll write a blog entry one day on what social media has done to my writing (and how I've tried to reclaim it).

For a good 6-7 years I just used social media as my creative outlet. It was fine. I wrote 140 character snapshots into my thought process. But I definitely felt like I was missing something....

2014 - 2019: I don't remember exactly when Medium launched but I do remember why I decided to take the plunge. Robin Williams had just passed away and his death hit me particularly hard because, at the time, it reminded me a lot of my own younger brother's passing (at the time it was speculated that Williams' suicide was most closely related to his drug and alcohol addiction; it has since come to light that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease). 140 characters wasn't nearly enough to capture what I was thinking. And facebook, even back then in 2014, felt like a weird cesspool where sharing complex emotion was guaranteed to feed some redneck troll out there.

So I took the plunge and tried out Medium. And I loved it. I started writing with a bit more regularity. I really liked that they were trying to consolidate the writing landscape into a single place that could then be easily shared with other platforms.

However, when they moved to a subscription model, I immediately noticed the impact on my readership. Let's be honest; I ain't here to build a wide audience. But when the platform I'm on is restricting who can and will read my writing (and then charging on top of it and not sharing those proceeds with me), It's time to move on

2019-??: Ok so maybe it took me 2 years to "move on". But here we are. I've ditched the goofy domain name (but retained the goofy blog logo) and will be writing here. I'm trying to write a few hundred words a day – ranging from my thoughts on entrepreneurship to fatherhood to whatever random ass thought floats through my head. I'll be moving my medium content here at some point. And I'll continue to share worky work related things on LinkedIn and Instagram stories of my goofy kids over here.

Read on reader!