April 15, 2019

Who Am I? And Why do I have this blog?

This is from the about section but I figured I'd make it into a proper blog entry too.

Hi, I'm TJ. This is some information about me.

I started out in Texas. I moved away with my family when I was 14 and I only mention it as my "home" when I travel because everyone has heard of Texas and they automatically assume I'm Chuck Norris. It's better than telling people I'm from Canada. Sidenote: I've never been to Canada.

After Texas, we went to Atlanta. And I stayed there for 26 years. I think of it as home. When people think of Atlanta, they think of "airport, coca-cola, traffic" but honestly they should think "airport, coca-cola, traffic, BBQ". It's a very nice place to live and I miss it every day. Specifically the BBQ and the airport. But not the traffic and not really the coca-cola.

When I was 40, I moved to Seattle. I have now lived in 3 of the 4 continental time zones. I think I'll add this fact to my LinkedIn profile.

I am married to Megan. She is funny and a little bit crazy and from Seattle. Which is why we're here now. We'll get to that in a moment.

We have two daughters. Lillian (b. 2016) and Nora (b. 2018). This means I'm a nearly 42 year old man with very young children which means I go to bed at 830 every night and my back is in a persistent state of ache.

I also have a dog named Herbie. He is a bad dude.

Those are the facts about me that matter. Now the facts that are probably a "meh" or a "oh ok".

I like to work. I always have. My first job was when I was 16 at Kroger. They tried to fire me several times but could never mount enough evidence that I was in fact a "poor excuse for a bagger" (Mr. Vito's words. Not mine).

Fast forward past a few dozen jobs to where I am now. I started a company called Standard Co. We use technology to solve public health problems. Because of this job I've been able to travel to 30 countries, mostly in Africa and Europe. It's because of this travel we moved to Seattle. It seemed like a good idea to move far away from my clients if it meant moving closer to family. It's been a good trade thus far, the lesser airport and BBQ options notwithstanding.

Besides a passion for public health, I have a passion for nachos. It lead me to create the Database of Nachos. I also started a ping pong club.

I will also write on this site about my brothers and sister, my learnings in startupland over the last 20 years, my kids, and my travels.